Thursday, November 3, 2011

Muziris muziris muziris muziris Pattanam area is MUZIRIS.700entries.....................

Please go through the website of Muziris heritage Project.there are 700 entries .Each article says that PATTANAM and surroundings are the early Muziris area .This false propaganda is based on the direct and indirect suggestions made by Pattanam excavation team headed by P J Cheriyan and KCHR.This FALSE propaganda can mint money

NowArchaeology and History is buried under Falsification of History. What are the Findigs to establishPattanam is Muziris?
Nothing more is there to establish Pattanam is Musiris

All these items are digged out -they report
How can we believe it?
the abandoned pits! in the next report
They are always giving False propaganda.Are these artifacts were brought from some where else?
"Many important finds were obtained like human bones, storage jars, a gold ornament, glass beads, stone beads, utilitarian objects made of stone, copper and iron, typical pottery, early Chera coins, brick wall, brick platform, ring well, wharf with bollards, and a six meter long wooden canoe parallel to the wharf structure about 2.5 m. below surface level"

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